During courtship, my wife and I were having a disagreement, and I was scheduled to preach in two different meetings that were kilometres apart that day.

Since I did not succeed in placating her, my heart was heavy. I began to wonder how I would carry through the day.

Well! I resorted to praying in the Spirit as I drove. Before my first engagement, I told God to help me. And He sure did.

From the first song, I knew the heavens were open. And at the second meeting, a young child was among those who got baptized in the Holy Ghost.

Friends, there is a link between your Spirit and your emotions- a strong link.

Jesus, close to death, in the Garden of Gethsemane, was overwhelmed. He said, “My soul is crushed with grief even unto death”.

Then he said, “Stay here and keep watch with me” to the men in his inner circle. Afterwards, he went a little further to pray.

First, there will be times when we are overwhelmed. Everyone comes to such moments with varying intensity. Some will actually feel like life should just end.

Second, be sincere with your inner circle. Even if you are the Pastor (man of God), make sure you have a Peter, James and John that you can talk to. If Jesus needed to share with someone, what about you?

Third, do not just talk to men, find time to also talk to God. The men you tell may sleep and say “All will be well. Is it not Jesus?” But God will minister strength to you.

Jesus came out of that encounter with fresh strength. Prayer ignites your Spirit but also strengthens your soul.

And I am not talking about some “mouth-chewing” prayers here. Jesus prayed for at least one hour on each watch.

He got ministered to by angels and he did not return with bitterness against Peter and others for sleeping but with strength and courage to confront the assignment that God has given him.

There is no alternative to prayer! Pray!

There is love in sharing

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