Just after Mum lost her sight, she embarked on a fast, the word she got that season remains a strong point of light for her till date:

“Count it all joy when you fall into different trials. Knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience” (James 1:2,3)

And then the Lord said to her, “Oluwafunmike, life will still get better”.

She did not sit and begin to brood in her condition. She went to work with the Word. She became full-time staff in the ministry. She became the caregiver to nursing mothers who left babies with her. She baked and we sold homemade bread.

She never gave up there was a Word that kept strengthening her. She keeps remembering- count it all joy!

Now, her school was birthed eventually out of all the moments of trouble and crisis.

What a great God.

A word from the Lord revives our soul. Paul spoke about how he kept seeking that particular condition should change and nothing happened but when he got a word, he began to glory in the midst of it and the strength of God was expressed through what was meant to be a weakness.

You are of marriageable age and not married; find the word!

You have graduated for years and there is nothing to show for it; find a word.

You are sick and it seems it is the end; find a word.

You are in debt that wants to sink you; find a word.

The devil can keep a man who has not found what God has said down but he loses his grip on a man who knows what God is saying!

You can choose to fold your hands and brood. If that is what my mum did, she would have probably given up on life.

Joseph was in the pit and then falsely accused and then forgotten by those he helped. He did not say, “God has forgotten me” or complain saying “That is how men are. You help them and they forget you”.

If the butler had helped him, maybe at best he would have become Personal Assistant to the Butler on Stores and Book-keeping. God had bigger plans.

His heart was constantly fixed on what God is doing. How come you know so much about what the devil is doing in your life and nothing or so little about what God is doing?

Where is your focus?

Let your heart refuse to be a wayside heart where the seed is eaten up by the birds of the air.

Refuse your heart permission to be a rocky one; where seeds sprout with excitement but cannot weather the storm.

Permit not your heart to be the thorny soil where the cares of the world, bills to be paid and deadlines to meet or the bodily time clock lie to you; even Sarah received strength to conceive.

Receive a Word, Beloved!

If the devil succeeds in divorcing you and the Word, he will succeed in getting you married to depression.

Fight the good fight of faith!


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