When we drove out of that city, my wife said to me, “Thank God for fathers. This is a place to visit regularly. I feel so refreshed”

If anyone had said we would be that refreshed in 24 hours, it would have been difficult to believe- we just barely made it through a rough evening!

Friends, there must be people in your life who look you right in the face and out of love tell you the truth you need to hear at the moment.

If all you have around you are buckets to fill and no pump to replenish your empty tank, you will soon run dry and empty. You will open the tap and all you will get is an illusion of what is really meant to be.

Your soul will hit the lowest point when you keep giving out without taking in. You will begin to try all you can doing what you know how to do but with frustration.

Do not just remain in the circle of those who commend you; ensure you spend time with those who correct you.

If you spend all your time dispensing without refuelling, the queue that is giving you goose pimples now will soon turn and leave you.

Do not be afraid to tell people “No”. We all know that there is a need for refreshing. Say “No” to office work at home and spend time with your family.

When you offer your best gift with a frustrated wrapper, your best becomes a trap. People’s applause will become an addiction while internally, you are being torn apart.

When you are running dry, check whether the pipes that replenish you are still connected.

There is nothing like “I am over-refreshed”. You may need just one stone to kill Goliath yet there is no harm in having five stones in the pouch.

Routine can be draining if it is not sustained by the discipline of replenishment.

As a Pastor, when I do not pray, study and learn from others, even preaching and teaching becomes a trap of performance.

You may end up frustrated at what you love to do if you do not have points of refreshing and circles that replenishes you.

Identify where you are replenished. When last were you there?

There is love in sharing

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