Few weeks after Dad and Mum dropped me off in the State University I first attended, I fell ill. It was my first time away from their watch and care.

It became so terrible in the middle of the night and I was all alone and I had no phone. As the tears dropped, I remember that Dad and Mum would always call on God in such moments.

My prayer was, “Oh Lord that my Dad and Mum pray to, Heal me tonight”. I slept off and woke up better.

The spiritual foundation of your children must be solid. Let them learn faith by following what you do and things you say. Let them learn wisdom by listening to your words and watching you make decisions.

Let them learn prayer because they saw you on your knees in both good and tough times. Let them learn to speak kind words because you speak no evil of anyone to them.

What do you gain when you call an Aunt or Uncle a witch or wizard? Why must your children become an extension of your malice and anger?

Their coat of many colours may be ripped apart but let it be that their garment of character and decency remains untouched.

Show them the way they must go because you are also going the same way.

I see my Mum wake up to pray every 4am. Once the clock chimes, you know it was Mum’s time. From one hymn to the other and then the voice of prayers. Today, I do same.

Family devotion (morning and evening) is a must. Daddy’s clap was our alarm clock. He led by example. Today, I am trying to keep their standard.

What spiritual foundation are you laying for your children? What do they see you do? What do they hear you say? Where do they see you go? Do you pray when pressure hits or you hit at them with unkind words?

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