Dad wanted to buy a V-boot Mercedes Benz (Station Wagon). He gave the money to someone he believed was trusted who had helped in car deals for others that he knew.

We kept waiting for the day the new car would arrive. Unfortunately, it never did. It was such a moment.

But I saw Dad and Mum handle the disappointment and the pressure. The shocking part was that they forgave the dealer who cheated them. For years, the refund was paid in trickles.

We must teach a child kindness and how to handle disappointments. We must show them that in life, forgiveness is essential.

Let your conduct show it loudly that “Forgiveness is not a weakness”.

There is no way that offences would not come but every parent must teach a child how to be kind to people and how to forgive when people disappoint.

A child must be raised to know and understand that tough times come but it does not define us.

Teach a child to stand strong when all he invested has crashed. My brother went through a huge loss and a couple of terrible experiences but he withstood the pressure.

Teach a child to love when the other option is to hate. Teach a child faith knowing that God can turn circumstances around.

Do not be a hurting parent. Hurting people hurt other people. Your decision to be hurt is personal but the consequences can be grievous.

Do not let disappointments take you into terrible habits such as drinking, keeping late nights, wife assault, emotional abuse and all. You are already failing as a model.

Why should you be pressured at work and then you take it out on your family? Drop the pressure at the office and return to show your family love.

When tough times hit, know that it is your finest moment to teach the next generation how to handle the pressure of life- do not blow huge opportunities.

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