I got in far earlier than the scheduled time for the meeting. It was a long way from base.

When I got in the hall, it was still being cleaned. Despite the publicity materials, no one in the hall recognised me. I sat at the last row in the back.

One of the ladies cleaning then came over with this adorable baby girl and handed her over to me to kindly watch over. I did my job so well that the lady stepped out after cleaning and maybe forgot the baby with me for almost an hour.

There were about 4 speakers at the event, I went up first. After my session, the lady came and wanted to apologise for giving me the baby to watch over.

I smiled. I enjoyed every bit of the moment with the baby.

I understand protocol. I have been in meetings where I had kingly treatment but at the same time, I am not ashamed to be associated with the humble task of baby tending.

God has called us to serve. Service has never reduced anyone- it never will. Service amplifies. Service magnifies. If you feel too big to serve. You will soon become too small to lead.

You will be shocked what some fathers still get to do- they still win souls one on one! Some in my generation wait for stages when the streets are waiting.

The reason why you lead is because you are not greater than the lowest level of service. Never look down on small tasks.

A dear brother would always pray that “May I not become too big for God to carry”. The Move of the Holy Spirit can be like wind. When you want to know the direction of the wind, you don’t look at things that are big and immoveable. You look at things that can get easily carried by the wind.

If you become to big for the move of the Spirit, you will become a relic in the dust-bin of history. When the winds of revival blow, it is to turn monuments into movements. There will be those who are comfortable with monuments while God is igniting a movement.

Are you bigger than the move of the Spirit now? Are your hands still moving in service to God, His church and humanity?

“Who is the greatest among you? Let him be the servant of all”- Jesus Christ

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