As it became clearer that Irewamiri was the one to marry, I began to open up to my close friends. I remember speaking to a friend of mine and I was complaining about the difference in our growth level in spiritual things, her response jolted me:

“Pastor T, if you want a ready-made woman, maybe you should go to the boutique but if the Lord has shown you and He is leading you, the most important thing is that she is teachable. Is she teachable?” I lost my voice. She has served it hot.

There are two things I will draw out from here:

First, use the waiting season of your life to work on building your teachability quotient. Let your desire to learn and your appetite to grow be quite rich. Marriage is a school and you will need a lot of humility to learn. Those who fail are always those who think they know it all.

“When you act with presumption, convinced that you’re right, don’t be surprised if you fall flat on your face! But walking in humility helps you to make wise decisions.”
Proverbs 11:2 TPT

Being teachable is a priceless asset on the journey to marriage. A teachable man or woman is a blessing. When a marriage is made of two teachable people, it becomes a formidable home.

In life, when teachers are lacking, examinations become like brick walls and simple challenges can look like huge mountains.

An unteachable man will frustrate you. An unteachable woman would make a home look like a hell. You will end up managing it like that.

Do not look for a ready-made man or woman. We are all a work in progress but we must be willing to sit down and learn from teachers, friends and a whole lot from our spouses. As a husband, I have learnt to listen to my wife- priceless wisdom.

Second, have a healthy circle of friends. Friends see your blindspot on the journey. True friends will give you solid counsel that will keep you on track and not derail you. True friends are encouragers. They also speed breakers. They make sure you slow down and assess your position at times. Either way, you need them. They can pray with you, laugh with you and if necessary, cry with you.

May the Lord bless your journey with wise friends and wise counsel.

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