When the minister finished preaching, we began to share about how she was a blessing to me. I thanked her. Then I got to introduce myself.

My name did not ring a bell but as we spoke, she asked about the ministry and where it was. The moment I said, “Eruwa”, the discussion changed.

“I know you. You are the one. Ah! My friends speak a whole lot about you. What a great work you do. God bless you”.

I kept smiling.

Friend, you must pass the test of obscurity- giving your best in unseen moments.

There is much more going on behind the scene than you can see on the screen.

David played his harp in the wilderness with his sheep serving as his audience or so he thought but God was also listening in.

You begin to fail the day you reduce your performance because you think you are in a small and obscure place.

If you fail to lift people’s heart to God where 2 or 3 are gathered, you are not qualified to lead 20,000.

Whatever you do not do well in obscurity, you can never do well in prominence.

Play your harp friend- even if you are the only one. Do not be discouraged. It is your test.

If you wait for a platform before you put yourself in form, you are late already.

The few minutes of glory can never be compared to the intensity of preparation.

A good sermon of 30 minutes may have taken 3 years to prepare- at times 30 years.

Keep playing the harp- the palace will soon call. The same skill you used in obscurity will be needed in limelight.

Do not forget- If you wait for the spotlight to come on you before you adjust, you are late already. You get disqualified.

There is love in sharing

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