There was a day that I was at work and my Dad called me to help do something for him. It was a busy time and I honestly did not want any other schedule to intrude.

I initially said “No! I cannot” but my heart smote me. I realised that if my spiritual father calls me at that same moment, I would stop all to respond.

I called him back and apologised and told him I would be availabe right away. He knew I was busy but it is my responsibility to honour him.

Can you be anointed and remain humble and act in honour?

After David was anointed as King, he still returned to the few sheep that he took care of in the wilderness.

As a matter of fact, his father could still send him on errand without David reminding him that he is now the anointed of God.

He still served in the palace of Saul yet he was anointed to replace Saul. He did not stab Saul so the prophecy can be fulfilled.

Can you go to school, get better insight into the word and still learn with humility from your Pastor in that small family church? Or do you feel like, “If they give me that microphone, Ah! They will see what I am capable of”.

Now that you sense the anointing of God and you get invitations to minister in various meetings, your unit head is now your boy and your Pastor does not understand. Well done!

Can you be anointed and humble? Can God be doing great things through you and you are not in a hurry to show it off as proof to people?

Can you spend Saturday Night in an anointed meeting healing the sick and even raising the dead and still be the first to get to church on Sunday morning for workers meeting with a hungry heart and not a ministerial poise?

Even though you know that you are admired by many in your local church because of the grace you carry, can you still point them to your pastor as your teacher and father?

David pointed his men to Saul by calling Saul Father and the Anointed of God. Can you do it?

When the anointing comes on you, it will equally test you. Some people did not pass the testing stage at all- they taught the exam hall was the convocation ground. They missed out.

Do not forget: “If you are trying to adjust when the spotlight of God comes on you, you are too late. You become disqualified”

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