I was walking through a developing area in my locality- praying and praising as I walked. It was an untarred road.

Then I spotted soldier ants just ahead of me. Normally, they would be in a straight line and I would have simply crossed over.

But it seems a car had passed earlier and put them in battle mode. They were scattered all over the place.

I did not think twice. I ran through in a split second. I knew if I make the mistake of strolling, and just one gets to sneak into my pants- the rest would not be funny!

Friends, you dont stand in the midst of soldier ants and claim that, “I am a confident man” or say “I can handle this”. They may look small but their impact is not.

One of the lies the devil will tell you when you are struggling with any hidden habit is “You can handle it”. Friend, watch out for soldier ants.

It takes just a little invasion of soldier ants to get you naked (if you know what I am talking about), it takes just a little leak to sink a great ship. A sting of sin can destroy a career or even a ministry.

That girl’s phone calls and messages that you now hide from your spouse. You keep saying, “She needs my help”. Soldier ants!

You are now bigger than rebuke. Whoever corrects you gets shown the door. Soldier ants!

The warmth in your marriage is becoming cold. You do not resolve your disagreements fast. Soldier ants!

You toss and turn in bed when you are meant to turn pages of scriptures and touch the heavens with worship. You claim you are tired. Soldier ants!

You shut your gates to strange people but your children watch all that media has to offer without guidance. Soldier ants!

You dont stroll through soldier ants. You run through them.

You dont discuss with Mrs. Potiphar- you run from her. You dont watch Bathsheba bath. You can birth regrets.

Run! Run!

It is not cowardice.
It is courage.

You are not silly.
You are a solid soldier.

You are not a fool.
You are full of wisdom.

Stop cat-walking in the midst of soldier ants if you don’t want to get naked.

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