I settled down to eat boiled plantain and herring fish sauce that evening. Danielle found her way to me- she wanted to share in my meal.

Right after the first bite on plantain, she made it clear that she wanted fish.

Unfortunately, the herring was quite bony and Danielle wanted it fast. As she chews one, she wanted the next.

At a point, her Mum had to tell her, “Let me remove the bones”. Obviously, we did not want her injured.

Dear Friend,

You keep wondering and getting annoyed that the prayer is not answered yet God is dealing silently with what can hinder and injure you in the future.

The silence of God when you cry to Him is not proof that He is not working. He could simply be removing the bones that could choke you.

The silent dealings of God is needed for a lasting impact in life.

You want a better paying job but God is dealing with the pride in you first.

You want a bigger church meanwhile God is silently dealing with the desire for public attention and approval in you.

You desperately want an Isaac but God wants to see how you will treat Lot- will you forgive a stubborn offender? Will you lay down your life to save him?

Remember, you would not just be the Father of Isaac, you will be the Father of Nations yet you are stuck with your desperation and obsession for Isaac that others can become insignificant.

The silent dealings of God could be that he has to remove all the strategy of Egypt from you so you can be meek enough to hear Him instruct all the way.

He has to remove the sword of anger and give you a staff of compassion.

God will always make the man first. You are a kingdom investment. Do not get a gift while we end up losing you as precious asset.

Do not forget: The silent dealings of God is needed for a lasting impact in life.

Stay patiently under His hands. Let him remove all the bones that can choke you in the future.

You will get what you are crying for. You only need to be patient and watch God work it out for you. But remember, He is working on you too!


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