I got back home from serving the nation and I knew I would have one of the toughest conversations of my life. I would not know how to explain to my parents that I would not be practising as a lawyer but will be working full-time as a minister of the gospel in the same town where I was born and bred. My heart shook but I knew the conversation could not be avoided.

Eventually, we took an evening drive around town just to talk. I spoke to them about God’s call. I honestly could not answer all their questions. It was a silent drive after I dropped the bombshell. We returned home.

Later that evening, my Dad walked into my room and said, “My son, for years we have prayed that God should send young men to the land for the work of ministry. I did not know my son would be the first fruit. I was expecting you to come home to tell me about your plans to leave the country or about picking up a job as a lawyer”. He then added the line I cannot forget, “Son, the pain I feel on my inside is the proof that God has called you”. From that night, I had their support. They had to answer many questions from family and friends but they did it with joy.

First, there is no regret in serving the Lord. None at all. If you sense the call of God, do not postpone your obedience. Do not try to get all the pictures. Make up your mind to rely on God all the way. Your obedience makes you a living sacrifice. It is pleasant to the father.

Second, dear parents, if the Lord ever points his finger to your seed that He needs him/her to serve on the mission field of souls, do not become the stumbling block to their obedience. It will be painful but it is gainful. After 11 years, I can tell you that serving God pays. Yes, He does.

Third, do not make prayers to the Lord when you are not ready to be a part of the solution. Jesus led the disciples to pray for labourers in the harvest field. Right after prayers, they became the first set of labourers.

“The prayer was no sooner prayed than it was answered. Jesus called twelve of his followers and sent them into the ripe fields. He gave them the power to kick out the evil spirits and to tenderly care for the bruised and hurt lives…”
Matthew 10:1-3 MSG

You are an answer to prayers. The call of God is a call to honour. It is a call to increase. It is a call to consecration. It is a call to dignity. Do not turn down the opportunity to serve the Lord. You will see God make things out of nothing. You will see God turn little beginnings into great works. It is a privilege to serve the Lord.

Lord, today, I am grateful for the honour of service. Thank you for calling this young inexperienced young man years ago. Thank you for the guidance. Lord, thank you for the greater things to come.

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