I remember my Grandpa said to my Dad, “I don’t understand what Temi is doing. Is he opening a law office or what is he trying to do?”

Grandpa did not understand me yet 4 months later, he sent me a huge cash gift that was used to renovate the venue we got for church. It was such a miracle (I kept the envelope with his handwriting on it)

There will be people who would not understand what the Lord said. Listen to teachers. Do not let anyone love you so much that it becomes a barrier to obedience. 

I remember my Dad saying to me once, “You have started well- leaving all and concentrating on the call. I wish I had done the same”. He defended my position to go full-time with those who did not understand.

A dear father whom I was scared to share with because he was a strong intellectual said to me, “Temi, 33 years ago when I was coming to Eruwa, my friends called me mad but today none of them has a better legacy than I do. No matter what you are called, stay on the vision”.

My grandfather in the faith said to me, “Son, get ready to fly”.

There were relationships I gained and some that I lost. I remember knocks, hugs and prophecies from fathers who came unannounced on days I was soaked in tears.

There had been days that were challenging and days of abundance, but they have all added colour to the journey- it is a rainbow.

What are the finest lessons I have learnt:

First, Never let Public Ministry take the place of Personal Devotion. You will become a performer and not a minister.

Second, Be mentored. If you try it alone, your impact will be low and your struggles will be much.

Third, Invest in People. Your assignment is to build people. Be a Mordecai to an Esther, you can be saving nations.

Four, God will bring all you thought you will never have. I got my wife on the assignment.

Fifth, You can never see it all. Give your best at each season. Look at how far each daily post now goes and such a blessing Compass Devotional is. I have lost count of how many people have passed through our ministry in Eruwa.

Finally, do not build your ministry on giftedness. Gifted and untrained people will drain you. Structure for training.

Is there a way that my obedience to God’s call has blessed you? You can partner with us to do more. 

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There is love in sharing

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