It did not take long to know the reason why some men add weight after marriage. Irewamiri would give me breakfast and still pack lunch for me. Dinner was still sure. There was just a simple challenge- Our meals in the afternoon were the typical “swallow” meals and soup. It gets cold before I get to eat it. I do not enjoy it anymore.

I had to make a choice. I told Irewamiri that I would have my lunch for breakfast and pack the breakfast for lunch. She was shocked. She knew I am not a fan of solid meals. She asked if I was sure. I sure was.

What is the point? Love can change your diet. You cannot say you love God and your diet does not change. Works of the flesh must give way for the Fruit of the Spirit.

Your desire to visit bars must be replaced with a craving for praying in the Spirit. Your love for suggestive novels must be replaced with a desire for the study of God’s Word.

That was exactly what Peter was talking about when he said, “Like newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the Word that you may grow thereby”.

In the realm of the calling, boardroom meetings can become soul-winning opportunities. You move from fishing on the seas to fishing for souls.

When you love God, your financial diet will also change. There will be a significant change in the direction of your wealth. You will spend less on self. You will build treasures where rot or rust cannot touch. Your heart will be divorced from mammon and joined to God. Materialism will have no grip on you.

The romance of Zacchaeus with greed was severed on the day he fell in love with Christ. He decided without being taught to return all that he had stolen. Love touched something in him and changed his diet.

The appetite of Saul changed when he became Paul. The murderous tendencies became a passion for lost souls.

When love touches you, you will know that church is non-negotiable. You will stop dozing and sleeping in church. You will sit to learn and not join the council of those who keep chatting during meetings. You know that attending a midweek service is a must. Your heart is ready to learn. You don’t wait for the announcement before you win souls. You will know that vigils are a spiritual development programme.

What has love touched in you?
What has love changed in you?

There is love in sharing
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