She had just returned from a trip and I was pretty excited to see the beautiful, lovely, amazing, smiling, elegant, delightful and regal princess (What was I saying?)

She brought me a gift- a lovely leather bonded black journal. I love journals.

When I opened it, my excitement disappeared- I flipped through virtually every page and checked the inner pockets. Something must be wrong- How can I have such a lovely gift without a note attached to it!

I love WORDS! Our love must be worded- I mean worded. Tell me “I love you” for each second of the day and I am alright. Affirmations does the magic.

My wife loves “quality time”. If you spend all the money in the world and you are not by her side- you are just wasting money.

You must INVEST in knowing your SPOUSE. It is an investment. Some men will scream “After doing these and these, she does not appreciate it”. You need to find that “Mumu” button and activate it fast.

The earlier you find that password, the longer your marriage will last. Dont allow someone else find that “mumu” button o. You will pay hard for it.

Find out whether your spouse love gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service or touch.

My wife loves me more when I stay in the kitchen while she cooks, even if all I do is talk, touch and taste! Trust me- such evening end like magic.

Find the “mumu” button and activate it.

Pray together but also play together. Your home is an investment.

The family is God’s barracks where soldiers are raised. Spouses must be vitally connected to stop and defeat the onslaught from hell.

How can you come to church and “package” like all is well, screaming “fire” when the fire of romance is gone at home.

We need that fire back. Make sacrifices.

How much is “too much”? Pay the price. Light the flames.

Temiloluwa Ola, Eruwa

Mumu – The point a man or woman gets to and you have gotten immersed only in the love of your spouse that you care less about any other thing

There is love in sharing

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