We got concerned about the insects in the compound. It was difficult to stay some few minutes outside and not get beaten.

We got a very strong insecticide. One day, while we were away, someone sprayed the entire compound for us.

But guess what happened, the following night, our house was invaded by flying insects. The young ladies at home had to spray the inside too.

It struck me that the reason why the house was invaded was because we earlier focused on spraying the grass outside without spraying inside- it became the only safe haven.

Friends, you cannot underrate the power of inner strength. A lot of times, we focus on the externals while we neglect the most important- the internal.

Quite some Christians are like wood invaded by termites- they look solid on the outside but a little push and everything will cave in.

Paul constantly prayed for internal strength for us. When we have internal strength, we exercise patience in the face of pressures.

When we are strong on the inside, we can endure and tough times can bring forth thanksgiving.

Do not brand emptiness.
Do not package weakness.

A strong internal structure is needed for progress in hard times. Can you imagine your flesh with the support of your skeleton?

When we are strong on the inside, we also will show strength of character. We are not swayed by everything in sight.

Friends, do not focus on the externals. Make sure you work on the internal too!

You need the internal strength of a Joseph if you will not end up like a Samson.

Build strength. Do not just do church. Be the church. Study. Meditate. Pray.

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