I spotted the lovely beaded gown in our wardrobe. Then I realised that my wife had not worn it before. I definitely knew it would look amazing on her. Then I asked why she had not worn it yet. Her response is instructive- “My dear, I cannot wear it as long as I am still breast-feeding Olive”.

Friends, there are restrictions that feeding a vision places upon you. The demands of vision is a sieve that separates what is necessary from what is not. There are things you cannot do when you are still feeding a vision.

There are seasons to a vision cycle: You can be feeding a vision and the vision is not yet feeding you. You can have a season that your vision is now stable and feeds you and others. Do not kill your vision by placing demands on it that it cannot bear.

Vision determines your relationships. The test of friendship is direction and not emotions. If you are building a business, your friends should not be those who believe that you can use business money to throw a party. Run from such. The man selling white cloths must not choose to walk with the one selling palm oil.

Vision determines your movement. You cannot be pastoring a young church and keep travelling every Sunday to honour invitations to other places.

It would be wisdom to know the season you are in so you can walk in wisdom. Do not use your morning season for things that only the night season should carry. Do not start sounding like a teacher when you are meant to remain a student and a learner.

Remember, a child that has an awareness of seasons has become a man. A man that lacks awareness of seasons has become a child.

While Nehemiah built, they kept calling him for a meeting. He insisted he could not leave the great work he was doing. Focus! Stay focused!! Do not undermine what you are doing.

What restriction has vision placed on you?

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