I was home alone that evening and I decided to do some clean up while I prayed in the spirit. While cleaning, I had to lift the mattress in the room so I could replace the bedspread.
I caught sight of different things that had found their way under the bed. Some of them were actually useful and some were just junks.

Well! I focused on laying the bedspread and was about returning the mattress when I had the prompt of the Holy Spirit saying, “And you will leave it that way right?” I know when God speaks to me. I did the needful.

Friends, there are times the light of the Spirit of God will shine on some mess that you would have covered up if given a chance. The Spirit of God is simply saying, “So you will leave it that way right?”

For instance, when light shines in the direction of a bad attitude, do not adjust the light, adjust your attitude. Go to work and clean the mess.

Interestingly, there are clean beds covering a huge mess. If only we can lift up the beds, we will be shocked what we have covered up. You cannot live a double life. You cannot lead family devotion but your emotions are devoted to another girl at work rather than your wife.

And this is also true- while cleaning up the mess, you will stumble on treasures that you never realised that you even lost. Right behind that act of forgiveness, you may stumble on a new friendship that you would never have thought of before.

I know that others may not see it. I know you have strategically tucked it away where others may not find it but the radar of God’s light can never miss it.

When God shines the light on your shortcomings, be a David and not a Saul. Do not fight for your public reputation at the expense of your private consecration. Do not fight for a preaching slot at the expense of your personal growth. Do not fight for comfortable platforms at the expense of solid foundations. If the platform gives way, it will reveal your mess.

Be a David! Stop everything and go tell God how messed up you are. Show Him that you are broken. Let him fix you right up. If you keep up the “show”, you will lose the credibility to confront Amnon, correct Absalom or lead Joab!

Every time we cover up our mess, things get messier. Admitting that you are weak is a sign of strength. Pretending to be strong is a sign of weakness. Fix the mess!

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