I had reason to correct one of the finest givers to the ministry some time ago. I noticed some slack towards spiritual things. Then that thought came, “If you correct him, he may stop giving”. Do you know that it became a battle to confront?

Well, I said to him, “There is one thing I owe you- the truth. If the money you give makes me lose my voice as your pastor, I will also lose my place as your pastor. It means I cannot pastor you”.

Friends, money has a voice and it is a loud one even when it is not opening its mouth. It speaks volumes.

Talent has a voice also. The one with the finest voice in the choir feels like he should not be corrected. His gift has a loud voice.

Paul definitely knew how tough it can be to train the rich. He said to young Pastor Timothy, “Teach the Rich…”

If you are a leader, make sure that the giftedness of a follower does not become a barrier to saying the truth at all times. Do not fall into the trap of aiding their weakness when you are meant to help them towards destiny.

If they will leave you, let it be on the basis that you pointed them towards Christ and spiritual growth. Focus on their destiny and not their possession.

And by the way, if you are a member of a church and your wealth, material things or talent is becoming a barrier to your spiritual growth, you need to fall in line for accountability.

You cannot buy with money what growth should supply. You need a Pastor like Peter who can say to you, “Let your money perish… And let your heart be fixed. You cannot buy growth with money”.

The fact that you are a leader in the secular does not automatically turn you to a leader in the church. You cannot transfer your wealth in the secular into the things of the spirit. A celebrity that gives his life to Christ must sit down to be discipled.

You should not give a platform to a person who should be learning how to construct a platform. People who have not learnt the pains of construction will trample on people to stay on platforms.

If you have not shed some weight, you will be eager to throw your weight around and seek for human worship. If your wealth has become a louder voice than that of your pastor, you are already giving in to traps of manipulation and control which are tools of witchcraft.

If you feel too wealthy to be corrected in the local assembly that you are right now, you are treading on dangerous paths. You do not know the weight of your destiny.

You will wake up one day and realise that you failed to grow in the most essential- you climbed the ladder of career and business but you sat in a dry well spiritually. Wake up, friends.

May your wealth not become the limitation of your destiny and spiritual growth.


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