We were walking towards the sports complex, and my friend and sister said, “Temi, we normally attend a mentoring vigil with Pastor.” I wondered what mentoring vigil was and why I needed it. I told her, “The most important thing is that you study the Word of God and know God for yourself” 

Deep within, I was wondering why I needed any discipleship or mentoring. I was already getting invitations to preach in churches, even in cities like Lagos. I was even getting an honorarium as a student. There is something I must be doing right. I had even gotten an invite to preach outside the country. I do not need a mentoring vigil. I just have to sit with the Word and pray by myself. 

If you sense the call of God upon your life, you must be wary of the combined effect of ignorance and pride in your life. It is a potent weapon of limitation. Ignorance will make you move around blindly. Pride will keep you in the prison of your ignorance. Ignorance is the prison. Pride is the prison warden. You will get nowhere.

A gifted, ignorant person will remain trapped and limited. Some people are gifted but frustrated. It is not a place to be or a company to be found. It is worse off if you keep explaining it away. 

If you are already gifted and sense God’s call, be sensitive when God begins to nudge you toward teachers. The urgency you sense most likely is an urgency to prepare and not the urgency to jump out. 

You can learn by instruction. It means you will submit yourself to the hands of teachers and guardians. A dear brother who sensed the call and had already begun a fellowship received instruction to close the work and learn from our spiritual father. He obeyed. He closed the work and began to serve in a ministry where all he did was sit down, set up and clean up. The devil laughed. Men mocked him, but today, the difference is clear. You fly by instructions. He learnt the lessons needed. Today, I learn a lot from him. 

You can learn by personal experience. When it comes to personal experience, you will make many mistakes. You will lead by trial and error. You will be caught drifting while you wonder if you are making sense. Even if God sends you men, your lack of training will limit them. It can be worse if you are married. You would not know how to lead your wife into God’s calling and assignment. You will always have clashing points. You will be great at home but struggle to bond in the calling. For peace to reign, she will likely withdraw into her shell. You will waste the little resources you have. You may not have the confidence needed to execute the call. You will find it hard to live by faith. 

There is a call upon your life, but at what level would you execute it? If you are God’s own Archippus, you would have to take heed to the ministry you received in the Lord. There is a demand to fulfill it. You cannot do less. 

The worst that can happen is that you get offended by those you see making progress. Your doctrine will be corrupted by jealousy and envy, sandwiched with subtle lines of inferiority complex, and you will still remain stagnant. Stagnant waters still stick. You will lose the things you have and still lack what it takes to attract more. 

If you are a Timothy, learn from your Paul. 

Your teachers are never far away! May you meet your teachers before your test. When you meet them, may you recognize them. When you recognize them, may pride and ignorance not keep you away from who you need. 


© temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa

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