My friend’s dad would not use cane on his them but his words were always weighty. His words would make you have a mental reset in few seconds. We dare not flout his instructions. Even though he is late now, his words and values still carry a lot of weight. We still remember his words till date.

God asked Jeremiah to call a particular set of people called the Rechabites. He set wine before them. The Rechabites did not waste time before they told the Prophet that they do not touch or drink wine. Their ancestors forbid them from such.

They answered, “We don’t drink wine, because our ancestor Jonadab, Rechab’s son, gave us this order: ‘You and your descendants must never drink wine.
Jeremiah 35:6 GW

Beloved, decision making is fast when value system is strong. Where the value system is poor, decision making is also poor.

One of the things that a patriarch must leave his family with is a strong value system that is rooted in the Word of God. A father is not only a fertilizer of egg, he is a conduit for the impartation of values in a generation.

The words of their ancestors carried weight years after those who originally gave the law were no longer around to supervise. If the words of men carried much weight, how about the word of the Lord?

God was impressed by the value system of the Rechabites that God said they would serve in His presence forever. Godly blessings ride on great values.

What is the weight of God’s Word in your life?
What values are you passing on?

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