A young man reached out to me recently and said to me, “You dropped a note for me some years ago with the words, ‘Great men make use of the night’. Sir, that brought a shift in my life”. He backed it up with a Thank You seed.

See these verses:

Ex. 14:20- “…throughout the NIGHT…”
Ex. 14:21- “…all that NIGHT, the Lord drove the sea back…”
Ex. 14:24- “During the last watch of the NIGHT, the Lord looked down…”

The scripture reveals that God is a night worker! Have you ever realised that the order of recording the days during creation was ‘evening and morning was the first day’ and likewise for all other days (Gen. 1:3,8,13, 19, 23,31). Jesus in the New Testament also would be awake “long time before dawn” (Mark 1:35). IT SEEMS TO ME THAT GOD’S DAY STARTS IN THE EVENING!

There are vital lessons here:

First, “whatever you will see in the morning must be settled at night! The final thing for the evening should be a plan for the morning. Write what your day will look like. Sleep with a vision and wake up with a mission.

Also, the quietness of the night is a good avenue for prayer, meditation, thinking etc. without distraction. Prayer must enhance your thinking as a believer. No matter the size of your prayer, if you have a ‘small, uncultivated mind’, you will reduce divine revelations and insight to the size of your mind. Learn to think. Henry Ford said, “Thinking is the hardest work there is. That is why few people engage in it”. Night is good for thinking.

Third, spending some time awake at night for productive engagements has placed you a step ahead of many others- “it is like extending your 24 hours”. By the time they are waking up, you have finished half the day’s task.

Finally, if your night will be well utilised, cut down on late-night meals. Eat light at night. Men of Old, especially, preachers keep this secret! Does that not tell you something?

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