In the early days of ministry, I was driving into town and I was already late for our evening service. I was stopped at a police checkpoint. When the policeman asked me to introduce myself and asked about what I do, I reasoned I would not be delayed if I said I am a lawyer. I introduced myself as a lawyer. The police officer was impressed definitely and asked me to go.

A few seconds after, the Holy Spirit asked me the same question again, “What do you do?” I knew I had messed up. I said, “I am a Pastor”. He asked, “Why did you introduce yourself as a lawyer?” I repented but not without a silent conviction by the Holy Spirit telling me that “The call of God on my life was honourable”

Moses, a wanted man, who committed a capital offence and went into exile returned to Egypt, and the laws, and the gods of the land could not place a finger on him. He kept walking in and out of the presence of Pharaoh and spoke as an advocate for others in the same courtroom that should be asking for his head.

Did it ever cross Pharaoh’s mind to pick him up, try him and sentence him? He did not even need all that process. Pharaoh was the law of the land.

Moses went back as a man on assignment who had met with the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The calling was his defence. If he had returned as a military man with swords and all, he would have been eaten alive.

Beloved, never joke with the honour and preservation of being loved, chosen, and called by God. It is backed by dignity and not shame. It is backed by grace.

Do you know that Aaron the High Priest did not die until the priestly robe was removed from him?

And Moses stripped Aaron of his [priestly] garments and put them on Eleazar his son. And Aaron died there on the mountain top; Numbers 20:28 AMPC

This year, do not joke with priesthood! You are a priest of the Most High God. Do you know what priesthood entails?

You must not joke with your God. Fear God. Priests do not joke with the one who called and appointed them. Do not take God for granted. Eli did. The consequence is better imagined.

You must not joke with the Altar. Fellowship must be consistent. It is a continuous affair. The altar must never be abandoned. The altar of a priest is never taken with levity.

You must not be found in profane things. To be saved, it was faith you needed. To remain usable and sendable as a priest, you need purity. Whoever calls on God will be saved but when it comes to vessels to use, God has a choice. He chooses.

Depart! Depart! Go out from there, touch no unclean thing; Go out from the midst of her, be clean, you who bear the vessels of the Lord.

 Isaiah 52:11 NKJV

As a priest, there are things that you must never be caught doing. They are forbidden for you.

Priests do not wear nonsense. God prescribed priestly garments for dignity and honour (Exodus 28:2). You cannot be splashing private parts in people’s faces and keep shouting “To God be all the glory”. Choose whose side you are on.

Priests are not the ones to spit vulgar words. Your words must be graceful. You do not have to sound profane to be relevant. Choose your words wisely.

From now, take the compass of your life from your calling. It is dignifying. It has the covenant of protection therein. You are the redeemed of the Lord. Do not just say so. Act so. Talk so. Walk so. Dress so. Represent Jesus well!

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa.

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