In my younger days, if anyone asked about what I wanted to become, I had no hesitation in saying, “I wanted to become a Medical Doctor”. I grew up seeing our neighbour practise medicine in an inspiring way. His son, myself, and another childhood friend started observing medical procedures at very young ages- we were less than ten years. 

I progressed into the sciences until my third term in Senior School Two when I ported to the Arts. The Doctor never said a word but his presence, drive, and results inspired a young boy. Today, I am not a Medical Doctor but his work ethic and visionary living are still an inspiration. 

Let’s begin with parents – Be careful who and what you expose your children to. There are devices to capture the heart of children (the next generation) heavily deployed right now. You must be very sensitive. 

It had been like that from the days of Jesus: 

Then they brought him to Him. And when he saw Him, immediately the spirit convulsed him, and he fell on the ground and wallowed, foaming at the mouth. So He asked his father, “How long has this been happening to him?” And he said, “From childhood.” Mark 9:20-21 NKJV 

You can not keep watching and listening to things that do not edify while you tell them, “This is for adults”. If it is not healthy for your children, do not watch it at all. Fast some movies for the sake of their sanity. 

Before you choose an event to attend, ask yourself if it will be healthy for your children. Before you choose a restaurant to eat at, confirm if it will be a healthy space for the next generation. You are a trustee. Do not misbehave. Do not be in a hurry to turn them to adults. 

Well! You need to remember that you are also a child of God. Most likely if it is not good or healthy for a child, it is not healthy for a child of God. 

Friends, there is nothing that you are exposed to that is neutral. You are being influenced actively daily. You only have a choice to choose who and what gets access to your life. 

Solomon warned us to guard our hearts with all diligence because it is the spring of the issues of life. 

Amnon gave his ears to Jonadab and lost his mind. He raped his sister and was murdered by his brother. What a mess. 

Who has your ears? 

Do not partner with strange forces to raise your seed like a Christmas chicken for slaughter. Do not feed them with things that prepare them to become ready tools for depravity. Feed them for preservation, posterity, and godly purposes. 

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa

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