As they rushed him into the theatre, they needed to get to the wound pretty quick. In episodes like this, you do not even try to spare the cloths- a sharp scissors did the tearing. When the cloths were gone, the wounds were exposed- my brother passed out. He was seeing the wounds of our uncle for the first time. I could not even try to look- it was a tough evening! The bullet wrecked some havoc.

Friends, we get wounded on the journey of life too- the words of a friend can inflict deep wounds on our soul. We hurt. The actions of a trusted one can get us pretty offended. What do we do when we get hurt?

First, no delays! It is an emergency. Lay fast on God’s table. Let the knife of the word expose the wounds. Don’t keep doing stuff out of the hurt. Do not preach the next sermon with the passionate voice of a wounded man. Hurting people hurt other people. It is a seed. Lay down fast on God’s table.

Second, expose the wound. We cannot treat an uncovered wound. Jesus said, if your brother offends you, talk to him. Expose it. Do not let it become gangrene. There are a lot of people today who will be walking the streets hurt and wounded. They are bitter about life, work and family. They look the part with smiles until you touch that wounded spot. This is the real deal though about hurts.

The third thing to do is to forgive- Let go! Forgive even when the offender does not deserve it. Forgive when they did not even ask for it. Forgive even when the offender does not feel sorry. That is the cleaning of the wound. That ensures that the wound does not have control over your entire body. The wound will not determine how you walk any more. You will not give the offender that much power over your life. Anyone you have not forgiven has become the driver of your emotions.

Move on friend.

Pray for the person who hurt you the most by name. Ask God to bless them with such amazing blessings that will shock their world. Or you are waiting for the time to say, “My head has caught him”.

Remember, the remote control of your emotions must never be in the hands of another person.

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