As we carried those that had been wounded in the armed robbery attack into that hospital, a doctor met us right at the door.

He began to do all things with the speed of light. The ones with major wounds were wheeled into the surgery room and treatment began.

The bullet wound on my back was also stitched.

When he was done and everything settled, my parents and grandparents said thank you to the doctor.

Then his response was a shock, “I dont even work in this hospital. I just came around casually”. He was the governor’s physician.

Friend, God positioned help before we needed help. There were no protocols.

I just sense to pray for you today: Before the trouble takes a terrible turn, your answers would be ready.

Your steps are ordered to be at the right place and the right time. You will never lack helpers on this journey.

Many shall be the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers them out of them all. Hear me: You will come out stronger.

This season, the rain of shame is turned to a rain of God’s favour. You will see favour with God and with men.

God will send someone (it may be something too) with the right word, the right suggestion and the right association your way.

You will meet the person carrying what you need. And you will equally meet the person that needs what you carry.

Make no hasty decisions. Do not fall into the trap of costly assumptions. Do not get moody. Stay joyful.

By the way, did I tell you that we sang all the way from the point of robbery till we got to that hospital?

Joy works! Joy is powerful! It renders hell impotent. It turns tables around.

Laugh hard in the face of the devil. You cannot be stranded. Laugh hard. God has positioned helpers. You have an insider advantage by this covenant.

Fear Not!

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