We had been trusting God for the fruit of the womb. After a year and some months in marriage, we lightened up and believed that God will do it while we simply focus on enjoying ourselves. Our slogan was simple: “We would not allow what we want to deny us the enjoyment of what we have”. That changed everything for us.

It was so exciting that we did not know when Irewamiri got pregnant. She even had a picture where she was on a trip and was taking pictures jumping. We had no idea she was pregnant. But the moment we realised she was pregnant, everything changed. She literally became like an egg.

In life, when men lack consciousness of what they carry, they can do things anyhow- go anywhere, make friends with anybody and do whatever they want. But when there is an awareness, everything changes.

One of the things I ask young people to pray for is the blessing of early awareness. Those who pick a sense of direction early do not joke about the decision they make. It impacts their values, association and lifestyle.

Have you ever seen a pregnant woman in a street fight? It will almost look like she is under a spell. She is carrying something. People have lost pregnancies because they were not aware that they are pregnant. There is a blessing in early awareness.

Early awareness gives you a headstart in life. Jesus was already sitting with teachers of the law and doctors at age 12. Your awareness determines who you sit with.

You can never see a bride playing with sand on her wedding day. It is not normal. You don’t use your wedding dress to prepare the stew.

There are many people with great destinies playing low in life. Men who are meant to be royalties sleeping with everything in skirt. He is meant to be King over nations but he is okay being called the king of boys.

The unfortunate thing is that when a man does not rise to the level of his calling in life and destiny, he places an extra demand on the generation that is after him.

Life is like a relay race. If the person who runs the first leg played while he is meant to be racing, it impacts the next generation. Many children are now running the race that their fathers should have run. When a generation lacks awareness, it wearies out the next.

Live your life thinking generationally. Will your seeds have to knock on doors you also knocked on? Would they have to sit for hours in the reception of offices to see a big man? Lessen the burden of the next generation. Run your race with awareness. Do not be careless.

May you not be like Ephraim:

“When birth pangs signalled it was time to be born, Ephraim was too stupid to come out of the womb. When the passage into life opened up, he didn’t show.”
Hosea 13:13‭ MSG

May you see right. May you live right.

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