(I believe God will have me use these series to help someone come into a season of shift no matter the circumstance around you)

The first time I got an invitation to preach as a teenager in a church was in 2007. It was a brilliant outing. I prayed well. I shared with those teenagers in 10 minutes and they did not want me to stop.

After that episode, other invitations began to come one after the other- the itinerant ministry started.

I loved God. I loved to pray. I had great friends that we also go to do ministry together but I had no one who showed me how to do it.

While I had some friends who were already getting mentored by those who had gone ahead, I had a mindset of I can read the bible all by myself. I had the mindset of “it is everyone who has the anointing”.

It was just “Sit with the word and pray”. I did but there is the place of the teacher also.

While some of my friends were growing deep and getting rooted, I was spreading wide and getting invitations. I looked like the successful one.

But few years down the line, the difference began to show.

A lot of people know what to do. They have a vision but they do not know how to go about it- they lack strategy.

Vision without strategy will leave you on the same spot or you just make minimal progress. When you make minimal progress, frustration and depression will set in.

God blesses us with vision. Learning from those who have gone ahead delivers timeless strategies into our hands.

You can be standing right at the door to your next season and you do not even know it.

You could have muddled everything up and yet just one thought from a teacher will clarify it all.

You can still be experimenting when a teacher’s experience would have helped you to make precise decisions.

How did Peter know how to handle the situation in Tabitha’s house? He saw Jesus raise the dead. He put same to work.

How did Elisha know how to cross the Jordan? He saw Elijah do it.

How did Joshua know spies must be sent ahead to Jericho? Moses sent him as a spy sometimes ago.

They all made amazing progress in life’s assignment.

Are you just growing wide?
Is there a depth to sustain that fast rise?
Is the foundation solid?

We will continue from here!

There is love in sharing

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