Some time ago, as we drove out to church, I gave my wife the remaining money I had both for offering and a little extra to cover for our weekly expense (it was not adequate).

I explained to her that I had no more money on me. She smiled and responded, “You are a blessed man”.

My spirit was lifted instantly. I said Amen. I believed it. I was glad she was not complaining.

Guess what! Right after service, I got an alert that was far more than my monthly allowance.

She spoke to the blessed man in me.

Your words are powerful! Do not look at your man and call him stupid or mad. Declare what you want to see.

In a season of financial hardship, let your words stir him up daily. He is already weak and sad that he cannot meet his obligation, do not weaken him more with your words.

Let your words stir creativity and energy in him. Call out the Kingship on his inside.

I was once in the labour room as a woman delivered. She kept raining curses on her husband because of the labour pains.

Well! The nurse on duty silenced her mouth with a professional touch on her cheeks. She became mute! The profanities was just too much.

If his conduct and how he treats you can hinder answers to prayer, then be rest assured that how you speak to him can open up a channel of inspiration and produce great results.

Speak to the king in your man. Draw out the deep treasures in his heart. Push him into heights with your words!

The situation of lack already makes him feel bad (and maybe insecure), do not worsen it with words that do not edify.

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