We stepped out in the evening and bought drinks for our daughters. However when we got home, it was Daniellle who had hers first.

When she began to drink it and Olive found out, Olive went after Danielle’s drink. She grabbed it from her. When I took it from her and returned it to her sister. She began to cry but I kept telling her, “You don’t need to cry. You have yours also”.

She kept looking back and attempting to return to her sister but I kept reassuring her that she has her own.

At that moment, it struck me about how I also relate with God: God already prepared things for me but I struggle when I begin to long for what others have.

God said that He has a plan for you. He said they are plans of good and not evil. He is saying to you that it will end well. But it seems it is always hard to trust God because we have not seen what he has promised.

Second, if God ever takes it from you, it is because He has something better for you. Most times what we see as a loss is a seed for greater things that God has in store.

Finally, when you do not see what you expect yet, simply trust the leading of God who has promised. This is very key. While you are awaiting Isaac, you must trust God rather sleep with Hagar.

Beloved, God has pleasant surprises in store for you. You will see it. Your expectation will become a testimony.

Stop cry.
Start trusting.

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