It was some few weeks to resumption at Law School. I was reading early that morning at about 3 am. The Lord whispered to me, “Son, there is a repositioning coming to the land of Eruwa, I want you to be there to reap the harvest”.

For the next two years, I had arguments about the leading of God. I was born and bred in Eruwa. I rarely spent my holidays in Eruwa. Now that I was about becoming a lawyer, I saw no prospects in the land. It was a battle.

But here I am. Nine years after, I am grateful that I obeyed.

Your perception must never affect your obedience. What you know can become a big barrier to what God is bringing.

When God told Ananias about Saul. Ananias began to “lecture” God about how Saul persecuted the church. He told God his perception.

God definitely knew more. God knew Saul’s latest encounters. God knew Saul was praying at the very moment of that conversation and God knew the future and the calling of Saul to advance the gospel.

The perception of Ananias would have hindered his obedience.

In the middle of a disagreement, the Holy Spirit can say “Hug your spouse now” but your perception hinders you from obeying.

Someone has hurt you big time and the Lord says, “Send him a gift in cash or kind”. Your hurt is not the Lord. You obey the Lord and not the sounds of your soul.

Your perception must never become a hindrance to obeying the Lord.

Peter argued when he saw the vision because of his perception. God told him that obedience was key.

If Ananias had won that argument with God, he would have lost the only opportunity to be remembered generationally.

Where are you winning the arguments against the Lord? If your limited perception wins, you would lose a lot in God’s prophetic agenda for you.

Work on the soul. Put the flesh under.

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