Danielle brought a banana to me so I could help her peel it. When I was done peeling, I gave her the peel in one hand and the unwrapped banana in another hand. Then I said to her, “Eat this one. Throw this one away”.

One of the assignment of fathers in life is to show the child what to eat and what to throw away. By nature, a child may think that everything goes into the mouth and by virtue of experience and training, a father knows what should not be eaten.

Paul told the Elders of the Church at Ephesus to feed the flock but also warned them about things they must not swallow because false teachers would come to teach wrong and demonic doctrines to seduce the flock (Acts 20: 28-30)

A father shows you the difference between a sincere teacher who made a mistake and a false teacher who has a seducing spirit.
David committed adultery and we still read the Psalms. God did not remove that portion from the Bible.

A young man went to his Pastor to ask whether the books of a pastor who fell into sin should be removed from the ministry’s bookshop. The Pastor asked him, “Are the things in the book errors or truths and has it blessed lives?” The books remained in the bookshop. That is maturity.

One of the blessings of God to our generation is that teachings are available just at a click. The error, however, is that a lot of people are no longer rooted in following a God-ordained father. They cannot know the difference between what to eat and what not to eat.

Some in this generation have eaten wrong things and have gained weight but it is not all weight gain that is healthy. Some growth must be cut off so you can live a healthy life.

Who shows you what to eat and what not to eat? The admonition of Paul is still powerful and relevant: “Follow me as I follow Christ”. Who is the “Me” in God’s divine destiny for your life?

Do not eat what you meant to throw away. Do not throw away what you are meant to eat.

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