While we ate at the dining table, Olive began to reach out to everything in sight. She wanted to eat what we were eating. As her pull was getting stronger and tougher, her mother had to say to her, “Olive, wait for your time. It is just about a month away”. She is on exclusive breastfeeding.

When you are about to rush out of divine timing, you need people to tell you to exercise patience. Abram had no one to caution him when he took the suggestion of Sarah. He went ahead to gift the world with Ishmael. His impatience created a problem bigger than he could solve.

Sin involves doing the right thing at the wrong time. For instance, sex is God’s gift. The timing to have sex is in holy matrimony. Anything outside of that is a sin. You can recalibrate your conscience but you cannot rewrite the Word of God. Take the standard for your decision from the Word.

One of the things you master in life is Time. The devil wants to use your time. The devil wants your time to always be available for his use. Your fight with the devil primarily begins when you decide to master time. Why? He just lost a workshop. An idle hand is the devil’s workshop.

You must master time early. A lot of people will spend the later part of their lives correcting errors they made in the early part of their lives.

Can you imagine discovering that you made a major mistake in a compulsory examination question fifteen minutes to the end of the paper? Do you know the urgency and the rush with which you would want to correct the error? Unfortunately, time is insufficient.

You must pray for accuracy in life. This is why yieldedness to the Spirit of God is an essential part of the journey. You must be led by the Spirit through seasons and processes. When you obey the Holy Spirit at all times, you will not walk into the traps of the devil.

When the devil uses your time, it creates problems. When God uses your time, it ignites purpose. Do not ever make a mistake of mixing the two up. Let God have your time and not the devil.

I pray for you: You will enjoy the grace of accuracy. You will be in the right place at the right time. Your time will not become a tool in the hands of the devil. Your time will be a tool of divine plans and purposes.

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