We noticed for the first time in 2 years that there was a rat in our house. One day, it strayed into our hands around 3 am and we killed it. But the next day, there was another rat. Then we made a discovery, they come in through the floor drain in the bathroom. It was open.

We shut the two floor drains but there was still a rat the next night. We knew something was wrong- the rat opened one of the floor drains and found its way in. We then devised a means. We placed on a stone on the drain. Now, we hear the rat nibbling at the drain but cannot come in.

Let me say first to you that- One of the ways you ensure that strange things do not find their way into your life, marriage and all is ensuring that the hedge is not broken. Job had a hedge around his home and business so he was impenetrable. Hear the devil complaining bitterly:

“Have You not put a hedge [of protection] around him and his house and all that he has, on every side? You have blessed the work of his hands [and conferred prosperity and happiness upon him], and his possessions have increased in the land” JOB 1:10 AMP

But when the hedge is broken, the consequences are grievous. It gives room for the devil to operate:

“He that diggeth a pit shall fall into it; and whoso breaketh an hedge, a serpent shall bite him.” Ecclesiastes 10:8 KJV

When you are in God’s hedge of protection, the devil will simply keep looking at you like the proverbial hen looks at the maize in the bottle. You are untouchable.

“We are convinced that everyone fathered by God does not make sinning a way of life, because the Son of God protects the child of God, and the Evil One cannot touch him.”
1 John 5:18 TPT

You are untouchable. Make sure that you do not walk in sin. Sin is the handle that the devil needs to operate in your life. Make sure that you do not give him a foothold at all. Block all entrances. Resist the devil. Stand your ground in righteousness.

For the remaining days of this year, you are insulated from evil. The protection of the Lord will be around you and all that is yours. The work of your hand is blessed. Your possessions increase greatly.


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