Some few months after our wedding, we were in a supermart and we needed to buy body cream for the family. I had no particular preference but my wife had the one she was using as a single lady.

We headed straight to the section that housed what we wanted. When we saw the price, we looked at each other. We simply went for a cheaper option. We could not afford it. The story is different today. When we think about such days we simply smile.

Beloved, do not feel down because of things that you cannot afford today. Life is a journey. Do not fall into the pit of depression because you have to live within your means. Rome was not built in a day neither was your father’s house.

Blessed are you when you are bold enough to recognise and maximise the season you are in. There are two things that you must fight- Greed and Pressure to Impress.

To the young couple- Do not attempt to spend and live like your dream couple. Money is easier spent when it is that of another. If you did not pay the price for it, it is easier to squander it.

Beloved, tame your appetite. Own your journey. Learn as you grow.

If you are called to ministry, be patient. Be very patient. Do not compare someone’s chapter four to your introduction. Give your best at the level you are. Let no pressure make you buy things or do things to prove to anyone that something is happening in your life or calling too. You will simply stress yourself out.

Be willing to build from ground up. The diligent hand shall bear rule. Apply wisdom. The storehouse will soon overflow with abundance. God will always supply what you need but do not allow what you want turn you to a complainer and grumbler.

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