There were days she slept right between us. We wake up and talk to her first before talking to one another.

There were times I told Irewamiri that she uses more endearments for Danielle than she has ever done for me.

You will hear things like, “My baby, my love, good morning”. We were drifting apart.

Dear young wife, there is a subtle temptation to turn your affection on your newborn baby. You start getting forgetful about your man.

My spiritual father warned us- “Let no one come in between you, not your child”. I saw it.

There are days you will have disagreements, and you will turn your focus to your child- watch it! Your man will start getting jealous.
Never get too bonded with your baby that you put your man in second place.

Do not let “My child, my child” replace “My man, My Man”. Still call Him sweet names. Hug him while you sleep off!

When you disagree, don’t pour your affection on your baby instead of seeking to resolve your conflict.

Do you know that when I hug my wife, even to date, my daughter comes to separate us? But we keep doing it in her face to pass across a message.

Choose your man. Do not allow the baby care to take away your tender care for him.

Be deliberate. Please, do not get carried away. Love him up! Please pay attention to him. Do not drift apart. Otherwise, you will unconsciously build up a thick wall of silence, and when it backfires, you both will not like it.

There is love in sharing