It was some weeks to the end of the year. That evening, my dear wife mentioned some things that she needed to get done but I had no means to handle it.

Interestingly, they were not really big obligations but they were quite important. It got at her. Obviously it got at me too!

It was one of the evenings I cried privately. But it got me to learn wisdom.

Dear young husband, discussions around finance in every home is always a touchy issue if not well- managed. Some of us begin to react when financial demands are placed.

Did you realise that “responsibililty” has “bills” in it?

Do not become angry when money is requested. You are only making a fool of yourself. Calm down.

If your ego is tied to your bank account, you are set for an emotional roller-coaster. Set yourself free.

Finance requires faith. The just shall live by faith. Faith is trust in God. Let your source be God. He is the only constant.

There had been days I told my wife “Yes” to a financial request and I did not have a dime. Well! I talk to God in prayer. She had no idea at times that I had no money.

There was an occasion that the money I needed for her came miraculously in the morning just few hours before we needed it.

But kindly learn that faith is not the absence of planning. Faith plans. So you must have financial plans. I am working hard to improve here also.

What is your budget? How much do you save? Solomon told us that “A fool spends everything”. Do not be an impulsive spender. No matter how small, set something aside.

If you lose your current source of income, how many days will your family survive before you hit rock bottom?

You must also be sincere! There are days that it is my wife that pays the bills. Be sincere. If you lie when you have, you will not be trusted when you lack!

Do not live above your means. Your upkeep must not become the reason for your downfall.

Finally, be patient! I mean patient. You will tell your wife right now that you just gave her the last dime on you yet she will be back in few hours raising a need.

Smiles! Do not get angry. Do not shout. I know you feel she is crazy. Be patient. Pull her close and simply assure her that it will be sorted.

Win her heart and then ask for her hand. She will creatively manage the little you gave and perform wonders with it.

Be patient. Do not let money issues kill the warmth in your home!


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