We were at family devotion that day and we were focused on giving. My wife said, “It has been a while I gave to my husband as my pastor”.

One of the young ladies at home said, “But you give to him regularly as your husband”. Irewamiri told her, “Giving to him as my Pastor is a different thing altogether”.

Dear wife, I know you may not have married a Pastor in the strict sense of it but honestly, your husband is the priest of your family.

(That is why we encourage singles to marry a man that can teach and nurture them- a teaching priest. That is a major assignment of every home. If he does not have a solid personal devotion as a single man, family devotion in your home would not be regular)

There are days you will not understand what he is doing as a husband but you must still accord him honour as your priest.

Ma, even if he does not know, tell him to bless you every day. Let Him lay his hands on you and pray for you. He is your priest.

Let him call you the blessed of the Lord and pray you emotional strength and stability. He is your priest.

The reason why you will find it easier to honour your pastor and disregard your husband is because you do not see him as priest.

Honour his priesthoood. Let it speak in your life. Let him give you material things as a husband but spiritual blessings as a priest.

When you are trusting for the fruit of the womb, let him bless you and call you the blessed of the Lord, fruitful vine and a fertile ground.

Sow seeds into the life of your man. Say to him, “My priest, thank you for being a spiritual covering to me. Have this token as a seed”.

You will be surprised that there is a blessing for you in his mouth.

When last did you give your priest a seed? When last did you call forth the priesthood anointing in him?

He is not just your husband. He is your priest. Let him know that. Honour him as one.

I remember the day Irewamiri woke up a bit moody. I asked that we hold hands and prayed. She was not in the mood.

I asked her, “If it is your mentor that said the same, would your response be different?”. She said “Yes”.

I said to her, “But remember I am not just your husband, I am your priest.”

She apologized. We held hands. We prayed. She lighted up. She gave a hug. Her day changed.

He is also your priest!


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